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What does Indian Vastu Shastra Say about Home Entrance Directions?


Vastu shastra is the shastra which has been followed from the ancient time in India, while building or constructing a house. The name itself suggests the meaning, Vastu means dwelling place or abode while shastra is a Sanskrit word which is used to mean a treatise or text written on the basis of scientific facts in the aspects of  religion especially Hinduism.  Hence, Vastu shastra is a complete guide for pertaining an abode or edifice and it’s totally based on scientific facts of building a perfect home using the right directions, environment, plot, etc. According to Vastu Shastra there are five elements, sky, water, air, fire and earth. And our human body is made up of these five elements. The most important thing regarding indian vastu shastra for home is its eight directions namely, northeast, north, southeast, east, southwest, south, northwest and west. Each of these directions has its own meaning and purpose and it is associated with different planets.

When we come to vastu shastra for home entrance the above mentioned eight directions play a very significant role and that is why it is a very interesting matter to know about Vastu Shastra directions.

Like if your home entrance faces east, it is said that its ruling planet sun makes the owner of the house ambitious, courageous as well as abiding to the truth. The owner especially likes tasting or eating acrid vegetables like bitter gourd, fenugreek etc.

Entrance facing south-east

A   south-east facing entrance of the house is ruled by Shukra (Venus). So the owner of such house will enjoy the finer things in life and will also have a variety of tastes in different things.

Entrance facing south

If the home entrance is facing south direction then the house and its members including owner are ruled by Mangal (Mars). The nature of the owner of such house would be brave and courageous but can also be sometime stubborn, outrageous, aggressive or haughty. Spicy and delicious foods are the weaknesses of the owner as he enjoys tasty foods in particular.

Entrance facing South- west

A house facing south-west direction is ruled by demon, Rahu. So, the owner can suffer from illegal or immoral activities. His taste is also of peculiar type and he especially relishes stale food.

If the entrance of the house is facing west, it is ruled by Shani (Saturn). The owner is of very serious nature and also very reserved as well as prudent. Every act perform by such type of house owner will be performed with great sense of responsibility and tolerance. The owner always enjoys oily foods or the food items which are deeply fried or cooked in oil. But he prefers to enjoy cold foods or refrigerated food items which includes the bitter taste vegetables.

Entrance facing north-west

North-west facing entrance houses are ruled by Chandra (Moon). The owner of this type of house is fond of travelling from one place to another, the mind is very unstable. Usually, his character is very well natured, soft-spoken and sentimental. He relishes eating vegetables cuisines with excess of salt.

North is the direction of Brahaspathi (Jupiter) and the house entrance facing towards North means it is ruled by Brahaspathi Guru. Unlike others such house owners are very inclined towards religion and its teachings. Also they are very talkative and become scholar of some special subject, as they love imagination and fantasy; they are very creative in thinking. Desserts and all sweet food items are their weaknesses.

A house and its entrance facing north-east is the house which is ruled by Budha (Mercury). As per scriptures, the owner would be well –educated and intelligent and on the same time he would be humorous too. They can become famous literary persons with an active life. They enjoy foods in moderation and there is no special likes or dislikes, in fact they relish everything on their plate.

It is very essential to follow the vastu shastra tips of home if you want to construct a peaceful and lovely abode with positive vibes. It all depends upon construction because if the house construction is weak, vastu is also weak, and if house construction is strong, vastu also works strong. At the time of building a house to make a proper home one must be very careful about each and every aspect of a house that includes various rooms like master bed room, kids room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, garage or parking area, etc. So to explore each of this section minutely and correctly we need deeper study and in details as well.  My upcoming blog posts will reveal all the curiosity that lies within Vastu Shastra.


  1. I was looking for your subsequent post on Vastu Shastra. Did you post that as anticipated or it will not be forthcoming. Do your recommend any reading material for people who want to know more to understand their neighbors with this cultural.sprirtual preference?

    1. Thank you, dear for your valuable comment. Yes, definitely the subsequent post on Vastu Shastra will follow soon.

  2. Hi I unexpectedly came across this post of yours...U said SE entrance can be considered but I read some other articles where they were strongly against it...So I'm in total confusion to decide what is right and wrong.Can you recommend the right thing?

  3. Hello, Sipra Iyer
    If a house is facing towards the south and a main road, then it is obvious that the entrance door is in south direction. However, it is true that the south-east entrance is better than the south-west entrance. Always make sure that the door positioned in the south does not take its place in the center of the building, and the door remains in the right half of the house. So, in this case you can consider entrance door in the south-east direction and it opens at south-east zone on ¾ vastu pada.

  4. Vastu Shastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology, it can also be said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building.