Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Benefits of East Facing House


1. The East facing house is one of the best things Indian Vastu Shastra says about home entrance. From scientific point of view, the Sun rises from the east and provides a huge amount of sunrays in the morning to the inmates of the east facing house. Also, early morning sunrays are good for health and it is very pleasing to wake up with pleasant beams of sun rays in the morning. It is quite beneficial if your entrance of the house is facing east because according to Vastu Shastra East facing house is the most ideal direction for it extracts maximum positive energy from the space.

2. An ample amount of open space should be left in the east before constructing a house. It is said that the dwellers of the east facing house having more open space in the east are blessed with wealth and progeny.

3. The concept of the main gate in the northeast is good. But the height of the eastern front compound wall should be less than the western back compound wall of the property where the house is being constructed.

4. It is wise to have a verandah or patio area in the eastern portion of the house for it brings prosperity and good health to the inmates. The sloped east verandah is considered good but at the same time if east verandah is sloped towards west then it is bad.

5. A house facing east should not have east elevated land. Also, the floor in the eastern room should be less elevated than the centre room.

6. If the entrance of the house is in the east than it is considered very auspicious.

7. The front portion of East facing house should be clean and clutter free. Heap of soil, stone or garbage should not be kept there for it obstructs the positive energy that comes from cosmic space towards the main entrance.

8. If there is a road running in front of the East facing house then, the road on the eastern side should be lower than the plot.

9. The plot of the house facing east should be slope from the south towards east. It is advisable not to plant any tall trees in the northeast portion of the plot. However, you can plant beautiful flower plants of low height in the northeast.

10. Vastu Shastra strictly suggests not to place a water storage tank at the back of the east facing house. However, it can be placed in the eastern or northern side but it should not hold the front space of the house.


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