Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Can You Catch the Raindrops for Me, DEAR!


Rainy days bring a fresh feeling to my mind and touch my soul deeply. With the soothing sounds of rain falls my mind starts wandering to those nostalgic moments I preserved deep inside my heart. I still remember the rainy days at my hometown when I often use to sleep with the sounds of the rainfall drumming on the rooftop. Oh, it was so relaxing and spellbound J those memories are still afresh  somewhere in my mind and suddenly felt alive when  here in northern California I experience a tiny rainy day moment that puts a comma to those long long sunny days during summer. Here, my rainy day feelings with some photographs.

I am glad I can see some rainy days here in California but unlike Assam where heavy rain falls come with lots of loud thunder and lightning. For which we do not have to go to school or tuitions sometimes when continuous downpours occurs days and nights.  In those rainy days we stay indoors and have a great family gala time with delicious fried snacks and tea.  Due to hail storms we watch the rains from the glass windows and as soon as the storm stops we rushed to collect the hailstones from the lawn grass and putting it to eyes or collecting and having some escaping our parents.
Along such huge memories who would stop loving rain. Surely, I will not.   I still have the urge to catch and feel the raindrops in my hands. However, I minimize my habit of wetting in rain to some extent may be because I am a mother now. I guess, I am little much grown up for these things..hahaha. So, now, as a decent adult with my sleepy eyes  I open the doors and windows as I love to hear the patter of the rain,  listening to the soothing rhythm, breathing in the refreshing aroma, and feeling a light mist carried indoors by a steady breeze.
Each and every rain drop I tried to catch or feel evokes the visual image of a single raindrop which can take you into a world, a world inside a rain drop which tells so much about so many different things only if you dig little deep inside the surface.
Days back, I come across a few interesting lines about raindrops which I want to share with you J
When next times it rains,
Try to catch the drops in your hands,
The drops you catch is the amount,
The drops you missed is the amount,
Enjoy the Rainy Days. With Much Love.