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Chinese Face Reading – 12 Houses Method



Chinese art of face reading is an interesting thing to know about for it can easily reveal a person’s past, present and future regarding personality, health and fortune. In ancient time in China face reading was also known as Mian Xiang and Chinese used to practice this method for thousands of years. It is believed that by using face reading method medical treatment process can also be done easily of a person. There are a few methods to follow during face reading. To name some of them are 12 houses method, 3 quarters, 108 spots, 8 trigrams and also the shapes and color of the faces. After proper examining these methods of face reading the benefit that both yin (females) and Yang get is that this will help to live in peace with five elements: fire, wood, metal, earth and water.

One of the most popular and classic face reading methods are 12 houses face reading method. Each house has its unique importance in the life of an individual.


Fortune House: This house gives you the idea of your general fortune trend in present life. If it is round, smooth, full and presents no visible marks, scars or lines then it represents a good ideal fortune. However, if there is any scratch mark or visible lines then it reflects the problems in your life which may be poor health conditions, distressful relationships or financial troubles.

Parent House: Usually, this house is associated with Heaven luck that you inherit with your birth. If the forehead is wide, round and shiny then it represents strong relationships and good family inheritance. Briefly to say is such person has a very good childhood with privilege comfortable upbringing and early achievement in life. But if this particular area is small, bony, thin or disfigured then it reflects an uneasy childhood.

Career House: If a person’s middle forehead is broad, round and smooth then it indicates that his career and status in life will be in good position. Moreover, having prominent cheekbones and protruding eyebrows also indicate that the person has a great chance for successful achievement in its chosen career.

House of Travel: If the travel area which is the hair lines area is filled with scars or deep lines then it is better not to choose the jobs or business that demands travelling or involves transportation, tourism, etc. 

Life House: Those who have smooth and shiny area between the two eyebrows, they have a trouble-free life journey. But, if this particular area of the face is receded, scared, dimpled or horizontal lines, or the eyebrows meet in the middle, then it suggests that you may face a troublesome journey ahead, especially during mid-life.

House of Siblings: The eyebrows and the areas directly above them represent the house of siblings. However, this area also suggests about the quality of your relationship with your friends and colleagues. Also the state of your eyebrow hair has a direct connection to the physical conditions of your parents at the time when you were conceived. If your eyebrow is well shaped, dark, thick, smooth, long and orderly then it is the sign of healthy and perfect hormone level that helps you to balance the emotional thinking. On the other hand, if it is opposite like the eyebrows are thin, short, pale, chaotic and also too close to eyes then you could be overwhelmed or  tormented by your own emotional or physical states.

Assets House: Eyes are the mirror of your soul. It is through eyes we can easily catch a person’s intelligence level and temperament. The long eyes with large pupils and clear whites and also broad and full up-eyelids are related with good asset houses. However, deep-set eyes or dazed eyes signify dumbness. The narrow eyelids indicate impatience. More importantly, if the white portion of the eyes has red streaks and it pass through a pupil then it is considered bad sign and related to the conditions like severe financial problems may come in life.

House of Marriage: As shown in the picture, if the particular area of the face is full and smooth, it reflects a happy marriage. But if the area is full of visible spots, black moles, lines or scars then it indicates that troublesome situation may arise as a result of some dishonest or unfair conduct. The most dangerous situation may arise if the house is receded because it warns the bell of extra marital affairs.

House of Children: The house of children is just below the eyes. If this area is smooth, full and not flat or receded then it indicates good love and sex life. It is not at all a good sign if this area has dim moles or slant lines because it suggests the problems in your children’s future development.  

Health House: A person’s health area is located just above the wealth area. If there is any spot, blemishes or horizontal lines then it is good to pay more attention to your health.

Wealth House: The perfect shape nose with high and straight bridge which has the tip round and big and its wings full and fleshy with invisible nostrils are the signs that reveals a person’s good mental and physical health which supports the person’s abundance in wealth. The nose that is bony, narrow, crooked, pointed or upturned tips with wide visible nostril is the indication of poor wealth condition or problematic career path.

Popularity House: This house is generally the final stage of life. However, it is also believed that if this area is full and round then it is sure that you can maintain a good and healthy relationship with your colleagues, followers, and most importantly the younger persons. It indicates your future old age situation.


  1. Hmm..Now I will take a mirror and figure out each house of my Face..
    Nice Post learned something new here.. :)

    1. hahaha...I had a great laugh. But, yes this is quite interesting :) Thank you.

  2. Like they say" Shundor mukhe sarvatra joy!" ... meaning beautiful face conquers all!
    This was interesting Bharati.

  3. Very interesting post!

    I have a doubt! 'The nose that is bony, narrow, crooked, pointed or upturned tips with wide visible nostril is the indication of poor wealth condition or problematic career path.' Was this a description of nose of Michael Jackson? :D :D He was very rich but was in high lose when he died!

    1. Thank you, Sindhu.
      yeah, maybe...you have pointed out the right thing. But the problem is that his nose had undergone several surgeries, so can't say exactly.

  4. This sounds quite interesting...have book barked it..so that i can go through it often...