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Photo Tour of the Most Beautiful Cavern of Virginia and the Story It Tells

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 Unknown

At the main entrance  of the Shenandoah Caverns

This year’s plan for escaping in the caverns of Virginia in the early spring is a worthwhile family trip. After the long winter months and unending days and night of snowfall, you just appreciate sun and sunny days like anything and any kind of travel that comes your way seems like a huge precious reward. So, to rewind again with Mother Nature we choose to visit the Shenandoah Caverns which is a lifetime experience packed with huge surprises and wonders that nature can throw in your way. 

As I decided to share my feelings and experience about this trip I found something that I never imagined before and that is regarding my blog title interesting things on earth because here the parody is that the title interesting thing on earth does not go accurate for this very tourist destination which is 220 feet under the skin of the earth. The reason may be while I first started this blog I never thought I could visit to a place so wonderful like this. Which is why I added this little confession of mine. However, with a situation like this it will be right to say that famous saying “what’s in a name?” in order to make peace with own self. However, to make more meaningful in this matter I would want to add this beautiful words of Michael Ray Taylor “The skin of the world hides many caves. All are profoundly shaped by and profoundly affect the nature of the land overhead. Caves are to a surface landscape as veins and capillaries are to a human face..”. So, this article is all about an amazing cave in Virginia which is the only cavern with elevator service.

It will not be untrue if I say the cave of Shenandoah is a true natural wonder. With the help of elevator, we entered the cavern and started exploring the connecting chambers one after another. There are seventeen rooms inside this beautiful Shenandoah caverns with different names of geological formations like the Bacon formation, Grotto of the gods, the Oriental Tea Garden, Beyond the veil, Capitol Dome, Rainbow Lake, etc.  Travelers are sure to amaze with the different kind of significant rock formations, the lightings, and colors it offers. Needless to say, our visit to Shenandoah caverns is full of pleasantly surprising moments of the underground world and several of formations took my breath away. There are warnings written on sign boards not to touch the formations because touching can damage the natural looks of the rock formations. With strict guidance of our guide and other official staffs present there, the tourist follow the narrow or sometimes wide portion of the caverns chambers cautiously and at times but not so frequently people have to duck just not to hit the lower roofs of the cave.  Considering the path, slopes or the rock formations and atmosphere inside, I think the Shenandoah caverns looks more natural than the other caverns in Virginia.

There are so many travelers out there who are the first time visitors to see a cave and eventually, many types of queries may pop up in their mind. So, here are a few important things you may feel curious to know about this particular cavern before you plan your trip to the Shenandoah caverns. 

  • Which time is the best time to visit the Shenandoah Caverns? Does the cavern’s inner temperature changes or is affected by the outside weather?
  • Any time of the year is the best time to visit this cavern. The outside weather does not affect inside the cavern. So, visitors will find the cavern temperature all the year round comfortable. And the caverns' temperature naturally remains at 54 degrees year round.

  • How much time does it take exploring this beautiful Virginia cavern?
  • It takes one hour to take a tour in the Shenandoah Caverns.

  • Do they allow the cameras and taking photos in the caverns?
  • Yes. Of course. You must bring your camera because there are so many beautiful things to capture.

  • Does this cavern have the stroller or wheelchair accessibility?

  • 8o% inside the cavern is stroller or wheelchair accessible. For more accurate information about the price of the entry ticket to the Shenandoah Caverns visit the official website of the Shenandoah Caverns.

 So, before you plan a trip to this beautiful cavern of Virginia take some time to have a glimpse of this photo tour article which I have created to make your virtual tour possible and interesting as well. Have a wonderful trip to this beautiful Shenandoah Caverns of Virginia.

Photo Tour of the most beautiful cavern of Virginia starts here.

Just after entering the cave

Rock formations inside the cavern

Amazing formations

Well lighted cave

Let's explore more :) the cave of Virginia

The real wonder of Nature - the Shenandoah Caverns

Close Views of the formations

Shenandoah Caverns, Virginia

Magnificent natural beauty
I was pleasantly surprised and amazed by this beautiful cavern of Virginia.
Thanks to my husband for this picture.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Musings on” Potloi” - Manipuri Wedding and Rasa Lila Costume

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 Unknown
Manipuri Bride in Wedding Costume (photo Source

The beautiful bridal wear potloi is the wedding dress of Manipuri brides. This stunning costume was originally introduced by Maharaj Bhagya Chandra of Manipur, India. During his reign, he used to organize Rasa Lila Dance where the potlois were seen worn out by the Gopis and Shrimati Radhika . And, it is believed that that was the time when potloi had come into popularity due to its elegance and uniqueness. Later, the Manipuri Meiteis, who follow vaishnavaism, started to use this as the bridal wedding dress. 

Manipuri Rasa Lila Dance (Photo source

What Manipuri brides wear in their wedding day in present days had actually undergone a lot of changes since its inception during the reign of Maharaj Bhagya Chandra according to the “Cultural History of Manipuri: Sija Laioibi and the Mahara” by Dr. Jamini Devi. This book contains the whole detail about Potloi and the best part of it is that it had been translated into English by Sheela Devi Chaudhary. So, people who want to know the beautiful culture of the Manipuris and especially, about the stories related with the potloi, could go through this book. Perhaps, these stories will make people aware that from where and how this amazing design of wedding costume gets its inspiration and probably, this will definitely give you some vivid ideas and clues to our generation and the generations to come. So, let us respect and preserve this beautiful traditional wedding and Rasa Lila Costume of the Manipuris of India.

Latest Designs of Potloi (photo source

Born and brought up in Assam, India in a Vaishnava Hindu Manipuri family since my childhood this Manipuri Costume of Rasa Lila has allured me pretty much. And, I always wanted to know about it. But, for the first time while I was a kid I have seen my aunt wearing it in her wedding day. I still remember my classmates and friends from other Indian communities used to ask me about this dress and more curiously they used to ask me about how a girl could move or stand or sit while she in potloi. Because, it’s kind of a skirt that covers right from the top of the waist to toe and it looks heavy and oversized as well. Apparently though, I was curious too that time I had also no clue over this whole matter. But, yes after the experience of wearing potloi in my own wedding now I have some answer.  Though it is heavy, still one can manage to move and make slow steps as well, otherwise, how it would be possible to make those beautiful and difficult dance steps in Rasa Lila after wearing this Manipuri Rasa Lila Costume.

Close up look of Potloi

The Manipuri bridal wedding dress includes gold and other accessories with the Rasa Lila Skirt.The Gopis wear the Potloi kumin as skirt and it is beautifully decorated with glitter items and the skirt is covered with satin and fully embellished with different pieces of brass in Rasa Lila. The designs are all of bright colors and especially, Shrimati Radhika wears the green potloi and the Gopis wear the red potloi. But, the red potlois are worn mostly in wedding. However, a bride can also wear the green potloi if she wishes to. Since, Potloi is the Rasa Lila costume it has other accessories and clothing items to complement with it. In Manipuri wedding, the bridal costumes are almost like Rasa Lila costumes but the only difference lies in upper portion of the costume. Because, wearing koktumbi is not necessary in the wedding. Instead, brides wear beautiful hair accessories and the innaphi to cover the blouse. Last but not the least, all the makeups and makeovers are incomplete without thilak (chandan siri kangba) on the forehead of both bride and bridegroom because wearing Tilak is the essential part of the Manipuri Vaishnava devotees. However, other than the occasion of marriage ceremony, they just wear tilak while attending and organizing every auspicious occasion held in their community.

Manipuri Rasa Lila Dance and a small part of Manipuri wedding Video are included here:

You will learn by reading
But you will understand with love.
  ~ Shams Tabrizi  J

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The 7 Best Things About East Facing House

Thursday, August 14, 2014 Unknown

Benefits of east facing house can be simply summed up in a few points to understand the thing easily. If we consider the houses that face east from the scientific point of view also, we can see the enormous positive results it gives like the entrance through which the inmates of the house get direct sunlight and fresh morning air, the porch or the front yard where children can play in the morning sunlight which is considered very good for health.  Even in winter days, this type of house get warm sunshine in early morning at that is a very pleasant thing for everyone in the house.

When we come to the Vastu points of seeing the things, east facing house brings positive vibes, energy, and most importantly inhabitants of that house can prosper in various ways in their lives.

1       For the profit of the inmates of the east facing house, it is essential to keep the eastern side some open space and clutter free.

2.       As mentioned earlier, sunlight is the most essential natural light that brings positive cosmic energies and the natural source of Vitamin D. So, having enough sunlight in front yard or in veranda is definitely a good thing for the health and hygiene of the inmates of the house. This is why in India, generally, people prefer to buy east facing house or plots.

3.       What does Vastu Shastra says about east facing house about the compound walls? If your home is an independent house or villa then there must be compound wall. The significant point about compound wall of east facing house is that the eastern wall should be lower in height than western wall. Also, one must take care about other things like whether the big trees or any kind of obstacle is blocking the eastern side. For, the east side or the front of east facing side should be of enough free space and obstacle free.

4.       The main door of east facing house can be constructed more towards north zone. It means not in the middle of the east wall that is the front wall of the house. Visualize by dividing the east wall by three section and construct the door in the first half and that would be the north-east direction.

5.       The front yard at eastern side or the road running in front of the plot of the house shouldn’t be higher than the area where the house is constructed. And, most importantly, in east facing houses, there should be more space in front of the house than in back.

6.       In east facing house, while constructing the house it should be taken care that the rain water or roof water should pass through a pipe line that is fixed in north-east. So, north-east is the proper direction to let flow the water because it is believed that by doing so, the children of the house will prosper in studies and will have a bright career in future.

7.       Well or pond should be in east or north. It can be in the front of the house, but it should not be in the center portion of the front of the house. So, it is better to keep space in north for pond or well.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photo Essay of Walking Along the Hudson River in Jersey City

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 Unknown
Skyline of Manhattan from Jersey City

My first experience to see Manhattan skyline is from Jersey City along the Hudson River walkway. That was just a splendid moment, viewing those skyscrapers by standing on the bank of the river across the river. The wind was blowing gently while we were standing on the J.Owen Grundy pier outside the Hyatt Regency Jersey City and we could see lots of ferries and yachts passing by. Here I am posting the photo journey of some wonderful moments with my family in the walkways of Hudson River. 

Me sitting at J. Owen Grundy pier on the Hudson

Viewing Manhattan Skyline from Jersey City

In order to make this photo essay of Jersey City on the Hudson River, my husband and I had taken a number of pictures. So, after taking a few pictures in a series, we took rest for a while, sitting there in shades and watching local people and tourists. To my utter surprise, a man was crabbing then and also he was smiling at us when he found nothing there in his crab pot and again he dropped into the water to retry it. After some research I came to know that people also come here for fishing on the bank of the Hudson River.

Standing on the J. Owen Grundy Pier outside the Hyatt Regency, Jersey City and New York City on the background.

The building standing tall behind me is the tallest building in Jersey City - Goldman Sachs Tower

While walking back on the pier towards walkway, we come across the Katyn Memorial standing in Exchange Place in Jersey City and this memorial is dedicated to the victims of the Katyn Massacre in 1940. While heading towards the Goldman Sachs Tower along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, we had seen the Jersey City 9/11 Memorial remembering Jersey City residents who died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. One can realize how tragic it would be just by a moment’s glance to the steel beam which was retrieved from one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center there on the ground.

The Katyn Memorial in Exchange Place, Jersey City

Walking Along the Hudson River towards 9/11 memorial, Jersey City

Strolling on the waterfront walkway on the Hudson River

Walkway on the Hudson River, Jersey City

The steel beam which was retrieved from one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center 

The Jersey City 9/11 Memorial (remembering Jersey City residents who died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center). 

With such a beautiful serene environment where you can see almost everything raising from Manhattan skylines to walking along the river side which was punctuated by the tragic historical memorials, you just get simply absorbed by those things. Though it was a short journey, yet it was pleasant. People came here for jogging, biking, fishing, wandering randomly and taking photos like me or just simply sit on a bench by the walkway and read books. Undoubtedly, it was a beautiful walking experience along Hudson River with my family.

This beautiful view of Manhattan skyline is taken from a lobby just close to the waterfront walkway on the Hudson River. And this is my photo essay of Jersey City on Hudson River. Hope you will enjoy and appreciate the efforts I put to make this photo journey of some wonderful moments of walking along the Hudson River Walkway, Jersey City.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Minion Rush Game !! Story And Review

Thursday, June 26, 2014 Unknown

Dave, the minion figure, is now at my home

When I really became so obsessed about the minion rush game, it’s very hard to tell. It all started when my kid started playing minion rush games on iPad while I used to get busy writing content for my blog. It is an interesting game that keeps him busy and I get some time to concentrate on my works. As he has by himself learned and discovered the steps of how to play despicable me minion rush and getting the scores and all, I really feel so good to see that I have even tried several times to play like him. These days there are so many online games for kids and those games are to some extent good and helpful for kids to develop their thinking and reasoning skills.

Just give a try to play minion rush. I am quite sure everyone will love to play this game for minion rush game is perfect for the people of all ages. Before explaining about the game, I would like to share the story of this game that where it comes from. Actually, minion rush game story originates from the excellent animated movie Despicable me of 2010. The story is set in a happy suburban neighborhood surrounded by white picket fences with flowering rose bushes, sits a black house with a dead lawn. The real secret opens when we saw Gru went to meet the minions who were kept hidden from the neighbors beneath his house in the basement. A huge number of minions greeted their boss Gru who is a great villain and who is now planning to steal the moon. The super villain Gru find delight in all wicked things and he vanquishes all who stand in his way. However, the story gets its twist with three adorable orphan girls who look at him and see something that no one else has ever seen: a potential Dad.

Despicable me minions became so popular with this 2010’s hit super villain adventure Despicable Me and that’s why Illumination Entertainment made a sequel film Despicable Me 2 in 2013 which is an American 3D computer-animated comedy crime film. Also, a game company decided to bring this epic story to the mobile action video game and it is part of the promotional campaign for Despicable Me 2. Here, this time instead of evil acts the plots and story have romantic subplot and the violence is cartoonish and the language is very mild. Seeing this two animated movies will make you more passionate while playing minion rush because the gibberish speaking minions have their different names and costumes and tasks that you can only know after watching the movies. The minion rush game is set in the labs of Gru and his residential areas. As someone starts playing minion rush, he will discover the new tricks and unknown unexplored zones, swiping left and right, sliding through the bananas, jumping and dodging obstacles in a smart and mischievous way to defeat the villains like Victor who you will encounter in the runway afterwards.

Play minion rush as one of the cute minion characters from the movie. These gibberish speaking yellow minions are very loyal to their boss Gru and they are running to impress their boss and to become the minion of the year. However, it is not clear what the purpose of the run is. But, it’s true that the run is thrilling and fun, exploring the new tracks by running, jumping or sliding. See how to play despicable me minion rush in details through online. And start playing minion rush, competing with others in a hilarious way overcoming the fast-paced challenges to earn the title - Minion of the year.

Despicable Me 2 toy collectibles come in various characters. I have some for my kid. One is Dave and the other is Tim. Now, he is so happy to see his minion rush game characters in real and every time he holds them he just can’t stop smiling his million dollar precious smile. Thanks to Despicable Me: Minion Rush (commonly known as Minion rush game) and Gameloft (the developers of this game) for making my kid so happy than never before.

Dave - Minion Rush game character

Dave and Tim - Minion Rush game characters

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Me And Those Adorable Polar Bears in Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

Thursday, June 19, 2014 Unknown
My visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium is a mixed feeling of willing to see those animals and at the same time wishing if they could be freed in wild forest or in their own habitats. The moment I saw the polar bears it was like a “WOW” moment. So far, I have seen them in pictures or in National Geographic channel. Polar bears are really very adorable, moving forward and backward almost seems like doing the dance steps and when they jumped in the water, they are the giant swimmers. Oh my gosh!  How rapidly they can swim. It’s very spectacular to see them swimming.

Being a kind of anti-zoo person I always felt pity for those caged or wild animals which are kept confined in some specific area. But, in spite of that, there is a fact I liked most about polar bears. Typically, Polar bear can only live up to 15 -18 yrs. but in captivity they can live up to 30 yrs.  So, it is not always bad to keep the animals in zoos and most importantly in a zoo which is well preserved and helps the preservation of the rare species or threatened species  whose number are decreasing day by day. The reasons are huge. It may be global warming, cutting the jungles, killing animals for fun, occupying the lands for constructing building, and so on.

As I have visited the Pittsburgh zoo and PPG Aquarium this summer and seen the Polar bears at this hot time of summer. I felt that it might not be so pleasant and suitable environment for those adorable polar bears. But once winter arrives and snow fall occurs I bet they can enjoy as their own habitat to some extent.  

Here are a few pictures you would love to see again and again. 

My Message to the world-

Stop Global Warming, Save Polar bears, Save the Planet Earth.

Polar Bear in dancing mood

Polar Bear in Pittsburgh Zoo

Polar Bear Vs Polar Bear ( in angry mood)

Polar Bear,the giant swimmer, is behind me.
(Click on the photos once to see it in its original size)
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hidden Story Behind the Flowers Worn by Hawaiian Girls

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 Unknown

What drives my attention to know the story behind the flowers that worn by Hawaiian girls is nothing but my intense love for wearing flowers in hairs. As a beach lover, I keep searching the world’s best beaches on the internet and no wonder Hawaii islands and beaches are very appealing and they are one of the best places for vacationing. Apart from beaches and exotic locations, what lure my attention are the girls of Hawaii who wear flowers behind their ears or sometimes wear as a hair pin. To me, flowers are very beautiful and appropriate ornaments especially for girls who are vacationing in beaches. So, ladies, keep your gold and diamond ornaments to rest for a while ;) 

Hawaiian Girl 

It’s a fact that Hawaiians love flowers very much and it will not be a surprising fact to know that the State of Hawaii has its Official State flower (which is yellow hibiscus). Eventually, you will come across other Official flowers of each Hawaiian island when you will plan your vacation in Hawaii. 

It’s a great pleasure for me to share this beautiful fact that how flowers play a great role in Hawaiian traditional customs. There is a great hidden meaning behind the flowers of Hawaiian Girls or women who wear those flowers in their hair usually close to the ear. If you see a lady who wears a flower on the right side of the hair or simply stuck the flower behind the right ear it means she is single and it reveals her status to others as single, available, and may be looking for someone. On the other hand if she wears the flower on the left side of her ear, it means she is married or already taken or sometimes maybe she just doesn't want anyone to bother her. 

Beautiful Hawaiian Fashion

Hawaiian flower custom has a great significant place for Lei which are garlands made of local flowers. As I have mentioned earlier, each Island has its own Official flower. Usually, the Hawaiians sew this lei garland with its own Official local flowers.  And these leis are very popular and well known all over the world. The Hawaiians use the Lei garlands for welcoming and greeting visitors to Hawaii. However, local people wear them on hand during most of the special events.

Hawaiian Flower Garland - Lei

This beautiful traditional flower custom of Hawaii has been inherited from generation to generation by the local residents of Hawaii and at the same time they are very proud of their tradition and still keeping it alive by making a great part of their culture and daily life.

Hawaiian Hula Girls

And yeah, lucky me, coincidentally lei means flower in my native language which is Meitei Manipuri (An Indian Language of the Meitei Manipuris in India). 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain – A Brief Summary and My Book Review

Monday, May 19, 2014 Unknown

Till date I have read so many books on non-fiction which in its own way left some sort of unique imprint on my mind and which helps to understand this world and people better with ease. In my quest to know the psychology of people around me including near and dear ones I keep searching and looking for those types of books which are written on the basis of people’s personality and psychology.  No wonder our planet earth is full of interesting people with various thoughts and beliefs. And the most interesting thing is how people react differently and uniquely depending on their temperament, beliefs, behaviors, nature and personality.

All my queries regarding uniqueness of people’s perspective and mentality has been perfectly answered by a single book – “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking” which is one of the best books on non-fiction I have ever read.  I wish I could read this book in my school days so that I would have understood those situations and people I encountered without even the slightest thought of escaping or changing them.

This very book “Quiet” depicts perfectly and beautifully of the personality traits of both introversion and extroversion. As majority of world’s culture sees extroversion as a successful personality trait and due to that firm belief system people are madly trying to fit themselves and their children in this popular culture of extroversion qualities and they are rushing towards adopting this personality trait without even knowing who they really are and what their core personality type is. So, there are lots of people who are pseudo- extroverts meaning pretended extrovert who are actually introvert inside. The author of this book advocates impeccably that why introverts do not need to pretend to be an extrovert because it’s all right to be what you are. Yes, there are some traits the introverts or thinker group need to adopt to be compatible with the opposite personality type and vice versa to meet the demands of current competitive culture but to that extent only where someone is comfortable with its own self.

However, there is a word called ambivert, a personality trait including the qualities of both introversion and extroversion.  Susan Cain’s New York Times Bestselling book “Quiet” is not only an eye- opener, but also a homecoming for me.  In Quiet  I find so many  similar situations and facts which I personally faced earlier and I can relate those situations with mine like how uncomfortable I feel when I meet a new group of people who are completely strangers and how I feel exhausted after attending a crowded party and desperately need some down time. And, also why I feel so good in one on one conversation on serious subjects and why I hate small talks on the same time.  Also, I prefer to express my experiences in writing rather than talking.

In this remarkable book” Quiet” there is a great example of a couple of opposite personality. Husband is extrovert and the wife is introvert. Husband loves throwing lots of dinner parties, inviting friends and colleagues while on the other side, wife loves spending time alone or only with near and dear ones . Husband loves conflicts and the wife avoids conflicts. Husband gets his energy by socializing with lots of people and the wife recharges by spending alone time. These opposite two types of personalities attracts each other in first place and they get married and after marriage in practical day to day routine life how they handle this challenging  situations technically  to save their marriage without  fight or flight intention.

Susan Cain throws light on the cultural beliefs of Asians and how they are diversely different from Americans and Europeans. Students of Asian countries are quiet and studious in the eyes of the Westerners. And on the other hand, American students are friendly, outgoing and gregarious. In Asian countries like China or India it’s a strong belief that you can’t be loud and wise at the same time. There is also very alluring line which reads  like when an Asian is smart or intelligent he/she needs to be confirmed and when an American is intelligent he/she needs to prove that.  In Silicon Valley how Asian students or employees need to work hard towards extroversion to fit in American culture which demands good presenters and talkative persons. And, how do Asians face difficulties to tackle with demanding culture of extrovert personality while they have their inherited quiet nature from their parents. In this book, there are students from Cupertino, who are from Asia or Asian American but completely doing well and they are divided into two groups. The smart, outgoing, gregarious and talkative group is known as Asian super stars and others who talk less or shy are known as traditional Asians.

While arguing in favor of introversion qualities Susan Cain recalls Rosa parks, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi,  Eleanor Roosevelt,  and many more great personalities and leaders who are widely known for their soft powers. The famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi is included by the writer in this book – “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”. Whether it’s the matter of leadership, teaching, delivering public speech, or leading a revolution both introvert and extrovert people can successfully perform their task in their own unique way.   So, from the very beginning the parents should carefully nurture their children only after observing the kids true nature and core personality type.  This book will definitely help extroverted parents whose kids are introverts to understand how to accept the personality traits of children and help them to grow and choose a career they are compatible with, despite forcing them unreasonably to become an extrovert and also the author repeatedly describes and shows with live examples of various people’s life that why you don’t need to be loud or talkative or aggressive in nature to become a successful person.

This world needs people of both personalities. They are completely good in their own way and we do not need to become one or another. Just what we need to do is to try to adopt and exchange some of the healthy traits of both the personalities, and accept one another respectfully and completely. It is also well said in this book that no man can be extremely extrovert or introvert, otherwise he would be in a lunatic asylum.

“Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking” is a must read for everyone, not just introverts. The author of this book Susan Cain, former Wall Street lawyer and self-described introvert, investigates using historic, neuroscientific, and literary evidence to show how, for over a century, the value of extroverts has been glorified to the detriment of innovation and productivity and how introversion has become dangerously scorned in the current American "Culture of Personality." 
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Harbin Snow & Ice Festival — Harbin, China

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Unknown
Google image

The world famous Snow & Ice Festival of Harbin, China is the largest ice and snow sculpture festival in the world. The 30th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival of 2014 starts on January 5th and it will continue till February 28th. Discover this great festival of china which turns the Chinese city into a winter wonderland.

Harbin ice festival offers a gigantic view of buildings and architecture which are fashioned from huge blocks of ice cut from Songhua River (a local frozen river) and blocks of man-made snow. A huge number of professionals involved to make the sculptures which resemble the buildings or maidens or other wonderful structures.

Google Image

During day time the whole surrounding of Harbin Ice Festival looks white as snow and during night it looks like a colorful city of lights for some of them lit up fancifully at night. The greatest ice sculpture attractions of 2014 are Empire State Building of New York, Colosseum of Rome, Reykjavik’s Hallgrimskirkja Church and the Great Wall of China.

Google Image

Millions of International visitors explore this frozen realm every year before it melts. This is how Ice festival of Harbin finds the niche to become the largest festival of its kind on the planet. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is one of the best festivals of the world you won’t want to miss.

Google Image

Check out this amazing video of Harbin Ice Festival 2014

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