Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Hidden Story Behind the Flowers Worn by Hawaiian Girls


What drives my attention to know the story behind the flowers that worn by Hawaiian girls is nothing but my intense love for wearing flowers in hairs. As a beach lover, I keep searching the world’s best beaches on the internet and no wonder Hawaii islands and beaches are very appealing and they are one of the best places for vacationing. Apart from beaches and exotic locations, what lure my attention are the girls of Hawaii who wear flowers behind their ears or sometimes wear as a hair pin. To me, flowers are very beautiful and appropriate ornaments especially for girls who are vacationing in beaches. So, ladies, keep your gold and diamond ornaments to rest for a while ;) 

Hawaiian Girl 

It’s a fact that Hawaiians love flowers very much and it will not be a surprising fact to know that the State of Hawaii has its Official State flower (which is yellow hibiscus). Eventually, you will come across other Official flowers of each Hawaiian island when you will plan your vacation in Hawaii. 

It’s a great pleasure for me to share this beautiful fact that how flowers play a great role in Hawaiian traditional customs. There is a great hidden meaning behind the flowers of Hawaiian Girls or women who wear those flowers in their hair usually close to the ear. If you see a lady who wears a flower on the right side of the hair or simply stuck the flower behind the right ear it means she is single and it reveals her status to others as single, available, and may be looking for someone. On the other hand if she wears the flower on the left side of her ear, it means she is married or already taken or sometimes maybe she just doesn't want anyone to bother her. 

Beautiful Hawaiian Fashion

Hawaiian flower custom has a great significant place for Lei which are garlands made of local flowers. As I have mentioned earlier, each Island has its own Official flower. Usually, the Hawaiians sew this lei garland with its own Official local flowers.  And these leis are very popular and well known all over the world. The Hawaiians use the Lei garlands for welcoming and greeting visitors to Hawaii. However, local people wear them on hand during most of the special events.

Hawaiian Flower Garland - Lei

This beautiful traditional flower custom of Hawaii has been inherited from generation to generation by the local residents of Hawaii and at the same time they are very proud of their tradition and still keeping it alive by making a great part of their culture and daily life.

Hawaiian Hula Girls

And yeah, lucky me, coincidentally lei means flower in my native language which is Meitei Manipuri (An Indian Language of the Meitei Manipuris in India). 


  1. Loved the info on the flowers.:)
    Great pics.

  2. Such a nice custom it is... thanks for sharing... :-)

  3. Great research Bharati! These traditional customs fascinate me a lot! Yes, as you've said it rightly, flowers are the most precious and priceless creations of God that can never be compared to gold or such priced things :) Best wishes, TC! Keep smiling :)