Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Me And Those Adorable Polar Bears in Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

My visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium is a mixed feeling of willing to see those animals and at the same time wishing if they could be freed in wild forest or in their own habitats. The moment I saw the polar bears it was like a “WOW” moment. So far, I have seen them in pictures or in National Geographic channel. Polar bears are really very adorable, moving forward and backward almost seems like doing the dance steps and when they jumped in the water, they are the giant swimmers. Oh my gosh!  How rapidly they can swim. It’s very spectacular to see them swimming.

Being a kind of anti-zoo person I always felt pity for those caged or wild animals which are kept confined in some specific area. But, in spite of that, there is a fact I liked most about polar bears. Typically, Polar bear can only live up to 15 -18 yrs. but in captivity they can live up to 30 yrs.  So, it is not always bad to keep the animals in zoos and most importantly in a zoo which is well preserved and helps the preservation of the rare species or threatened species  whose number are decreasing day by day. The reasons are huge. It may be global warming, cutting the jungles, killing animals for fun, occupying the lands for constructing building, and so on.

As I have visited the Pittsburgh zoo and PPG Aquarium this summer and seen the Polar bears at this hot time of summer. I felt that it might not be so pleasant and suitable environment for those adorable polar bears. But once winter arrives and snow fall occurs I bet they can enjoy as their own habitat to some extent.  

Here are a few pictures you would love to see again and again. 

My Message to the world-

Stop Global Warming, Save Polar bears, Save the Planet Earth.

Polar Bear in dancing mood

Polar Bear in Pittsburgh Zoo

Polar Bear Vs Polar Bear ( in angry mood)

Polar Bear,the giant swimmer, is behind me.
(Click on the photos once to see it in its original size)
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  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures Bharati... Enjoyed reading about your experience. Yes, I am also a strong PETA follower like you :) Best wishes... TC ! Keep smiling :)