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Photo Tour of the Most Beautiful Cavern of Virginia and the Story It Tells


At the main entrance  of the Shenandoah Caverns

This year’s plan for escaping in the caverns of Virginia in the early spring is a worthwhile family trip. After the long winter months and unending days and night of snowfall, you just appreciate sun and sunny days like anything and any kind of travel that comes your way seems like a huge precious reward. So, to rewind again with Mother Nature we choose to visit the Shenandoah Caverns which is a lifetime experience packed with huge surprises and wonders that nature can throw in your way. 

As I decided to share my feelings and experience about this trip I found something that I never imagined before and that is regarding my blog title interesting things on earth because here the parody is that the title interesting thing on earth does not go accurate for this very tourist destination which is 220 feet under the skin of the earth. The reason may be while I first started this blog I never thought I could visit to a place so wonderful like this. Which is why I added this little confession of mine. However, with a situation like this it will be right to say that famous saying “what’s in a name?” in order to make peace with own self. However, to make more meaningful in this matter I would want to add this beautiful words of Michael Ray Taylor “The skin of the world hides many caves. All are profoundly shaped by and profoundly affect the nature of the land overhead. Caves are to a surface landscape as veins and capillaries are to a human face..”. So, this article is all about an amazing cave in Virginia which is the only cavern with elevator service.

It will not be untrue if I say the cave of Shenandoah is a true natural wonder. With the help of elevator, we entered the cavern and started exploring the connecting chambers one after another. There are seventeen rooms inside this beautiful Shenandoah caverns with different names of geological formations like the Bacon formation, Grotto of the gods, the Oriental Tea Garden, Beyond the veil, Capitol Dome, Rainbow Lake, etc.  Travelers are sure to amaze with the different kind of significant rock formations, the lightings, and colors it offers. Needless to say, our visit to Shenandoah caverns is full of pleasantly surprising moments of the underground world and several of formations took my breath away. There are warnings written on sign boards not to touch the formations because touching can damage the natural looks of the rock formations. With strict guidance of our guide and other official staffs present there, the tourist follow the narrow or sometimes wide portion of the caverns chambers cautiously and at times but not so frequently people have to duck just not to hit the lower roofs of the cave.  Considering the path, slopes or the rock formations and atmosphere inside, I think the Shenandoah caverns looks more natural than the other caverns in Virginia.

There are so many travelers out there who are the first time visitors to see a cave and eventually, many types of queries may pop up in their mind. So, here are a few important things you may feel curious to know about this particular cavern before you plan your trip to the Shenandoah caverns. 

  • Which time is the best time to visit the Shenandoah Caverns? Does the cavern’s inner temperature changes or is affected by the outside weather?
  • Any time of the year is the best time to visit this cavern. The outside weather does not affect inside the cavern. So, visitors will find the cavern temperature all the year round comfortable. And the caverns' temperature naturally remains at 54 degrees year round.

  • How much time does it take exploring this beautiful Virginia cavern?
  • It takes one hour to take a tour in the Shenandoah Caverns.

  • Do they allow the cameras and taking photos in the caverns?
  • Yes. Of course. You must bring your camera because there are so many beautiful things to capture.

  • Does this cavern have the stroller or wheelchair accessibility?

  • 8o% inside the cavern is stroller or wheelchair accessible. For more accurate information about the price of the entry ticket to the Shenandoah Caverns visit the official website of the Shenandoah Caverns.

 So, before you plan a trip to this beautiful cavern of Virginia take some time to have a glimpse of this photo tour article which I have created to make your virtual tour possible and interesting as well. Have a wonderful trip to this beautiful Shenandoah Caverns of Virginia.

Photo Tour of the most beautiful cavern of Virginia starts here.

Just after entering the cave

Rock formations inside the cavern

Amazing formations

Well lighted cave

Let's explore more :) the cave of Virginia

The real wonder of Nature - the Shenandoah Caverns

Close Views of the formations

Shenandoah Caverns, Virginia

Magnificent natural beauty
I was pleasantly surprised and amazed by this beautiful cavern of Virginia.
Thanks to my husband for this picture.


  1. Simply magnificent! Would love to visit it!

  2. It is indeed an interesting place. Stunning shots.