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The 7 Best Things About East Facing House


Benefits of east facing house can be simply summed up in a few points to understand the thing easily. If we consider the houses that face east from the scientific point of view also, we can see the enormous positive results it gives like the entrance through which the inmates of the house get direct sunlight and fresh morning air, the porch or the front yard where children can play in the morning sunlight which is considered very good for health.  Even in winter days, this type of house get warm sunshine in early morning at that is a very pleasant thing for everyone in the house.

When we come to the Vastu points of seeing the things, east facing house brings positive vibes, energy, and most importantly inhabitants of that house can prosper in various ways in their lives.

1       For the profit of the inmates of the east facing house, it is essential to keep the eastern side some open space and clutter free.

2.       As mentioned earlier, sunlight is the most essential natural light that brings positive cosmic energies and the natural source of Vitamin D. So, having enough sunlight in front yard or in veranda is definitely a good thing for the health and hygiene of the inmates of the house. This is why in India, generally, people prefer to buy east facing house or plots.

3.       What does Vastu Shastra says about east facing house about the compound walls? If your home is an independent house or villa then there must be compound wall. The significant point about compound wall of east facing house is that the eastern wall should be lower in height than western wall. Also, one must take care about other things like whether the big trees or any kind of obstacle is blocking the eastern side. For, the east side or the front of east facing side should be of enough free space and obstacle free.

4.       The main door of east facing house can be constructed more towards north zone. It means not in the middle of the east wall that is the front wall of the house. Visualize by dividing the east wall by three section and construct the door in the first half and that would be the north-east direction.

5.       The front yard at eastern side or the road running in front of the plot of the house shouldn’t be higher than the area where the house is constructed. And, most importantly, in east facing houses, there should be more space in front of the house than in back.

6.       In east facing house, while constructing the house it should be taken care that the rain water or roof water should pass through a pipe line that is fixed in north-east. So, north-east is the proper direction to let flow the water because it is believed that by doing so, the children of the house will prosper in studies and will have a bright career in future.

7.       Well or pond should be in east or north. It can be in the front of the house, but it should not be in the center portion of the front of the house. So, it is better to keep space in north for pond or well.  


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