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Benefits of Northeast Facing House


  • Vatu shastra for home entrance direction is the most significant matter of home vastu. From vastu points, among the eight directions, the northeast entrance for a house is considered second best entrance direction for a house, where east is the best entrance direction. This important and sacred direction is ruled by Lord Shiva and occupied by Mercury(Buddha). This direction is also known as Ishan because the head of Vaastu Purush lies in the northeast direction.
  • The perfect place for a Well or a pond is the northeast direction. The owner of the house will surely get benefit from digging the pond or well in the northeast direction.
  • The lobby, porch or the verandah of the northeast facing house should be in the northeast direction and it is good to have these portions of house lower than the main building of the house for it brings prosperity and fame to the householders.
  • Make sure that the rain water or fresh water from the house flow towards north-east.
  • The northeast facing house vastu is an integral and significant part of the study of vastu shastra. There are some essential things relating to the northeast corner of a plot or building.This particular direction is kept sacred for constructing temple or this portion can be left open without keeping any heavy material. Moreover, while purchasing a plot or house make sure that there is no cut in the northeast corner. Lord Ishan resides in the northeast corner and he is responsible for wealth, success, education,women's health, and development of children.
  • It is advisable not to construct anything like pillars, staircase, kitchen, toilet, store room, etc. on the northeast direction. More openings, doors, and windows in this direction will allow the lord's grace on the inmates of the house. So, this sacred direction should not be blocked.
  • The northeast facing house vastu brings happiness and riches to the human being. The white textured Lord Ishan features four hands and one face. He can bless humans with a longer life. It is essential to keep clean and tidy of the area that belongs to the northeast direction which is also known as Ishan kun because this direction acts as the antenna for the cosmic energy of the universe. The Vastu Shastra for home entrance direction takes its breath from this direction. The energy and magnetic fields that are received from this direction are passed on to the southwest corner of the house. It is because of this interaction that the entire house is energized. Hence, it is beneficial to have the northeast entrance for a house.
  • Building construction should be done in accordance with the chart of Vaastu Purush which displays the positions of the body of Vaastu Purush and it is the location of the particular organ of the body which gives different importance to the eight directions of vastu shastra. The picture of the body of Vaastu Purush gives the proper guidelines to vastu shastra for home entrance direction.


  1. I didn't know all this. In fact I never paid attention to this fact. Great info.

    1. Thanks, Indrani..your comments inspires me to write more..nice to have a friend like you :)

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