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Basic Things on Photography Tips & Tricks


Everyone loves great photography. Many people are passionate about photography. But the challenge is how to take good photos. Clicking randomly in shutter button to capture an object or person is not the solution. And for this you have to follow some kind of photography tips & tricks.

Photography is simply an art and one should see the things creatively at the time when he/she take photos. Before taking photo you should see the things with all your heart. So take some time before you click and also form an image in your mind. The photo that conveys deep thinking at the moment you saw it is the best one. So don’t just take pictures, make pictures.

Basic information of great photography:

1. The most significant aspect of great photography is great composition. It means take care of the surroundings and subject to give proper tone to the picture. Always focus on the things that you want to capture and try it from different angle and perspective. If you are taking photos of kids or pets then you have to hold the camera at the subject’s eye level and get down into their level. This way you can capture their magnetic gazes and mesmerizing smiles with a close up view.

 2. It is always a great idea to use flash outdoor. Setting flash on your camera will lighten the dark shadows under the eyes and nose, especially when the bright sunlight is directly over the head or behind your subject. Also use the camera flash in cloudy days, it will brighten up faces and make them stand out from the background. If you are struggling to capture a great portrait during summer in mid-day then you have to keep in mind some exclusive photography tips & tricks – like choosing an open shaded spot for close up portrait photos but if the extreme sunlight creates great challenge you can apply the tricks of how to avoid harsh overhead sunlight – now in this condition the subject should turn face so that it’s in complete shadow, slightly tilting the head down can do well. To lighten the shadow portion of the subject’s face, use your camera’s pop-up flash to fill light. If you are using DSLR camera then you can manage easily but if you are using compact camera you have to hold close to your subject around 4-6 feet distance because your flash may not be too powerful and standing farther away and the fill-in flash won't be as effective. By following this trick you can use the sunlight as natural hair light of a person. See the picture below:

3. In cloudy and overcast days your thinking on how to take good photos will be little different in comparison to sunny days. What makes the things interesting is that clouds act as a natural diffuser of the sunlight which controls the harsh shadows and disturbing light during the photo shot. It is always a great idea to shoot close-up outdoor photos in an overcast day unlike shooting in mid-day overly bright sunny days. Also keep in mind that it will be little tricky to give proper tone to composition so it is necessary to understand the setting options of your camera and also make sure you have right equipment to make happen a great photography. Cloudy day photos can result into some unique and classic images. The examples like shooting photos at a lake, showcasing the reflection of the interesting cloud images in the water or taking cloudy backgrounds with bright color dress wearing by the subject and shooting the photo from different angel slight upward  or vertical keeping  the subject 4-5 feet distance can undoubtedly add drama to the photo like the below one:

4. Golden hour or magic hour of the day is the best time for outdoor shooting. It is the first hour of light after sunrise and before sunset. This perfect time has been discovered for photography since the invention of camera. Professional photographers prefer to shoot photos during the golden hour for this is the perfect time for taking pictures of landscape, ocean, breathtaking sceneries, skies and also portrait pictures. Dawn and dusk light produces less contrast, reducing the chances of losing parts of your subject in strong shadows and bright daylight and also the buildings and landscapes are illuminated in a desirable red and orange tint. Do not forget to check the times of sunrise or sunset in the area where you want take pictures. After knowing the exact time of golden hour you have to plan to arrive there early so you can make proper setting of your camera and make an overall idea which things are to shoot. While setting your camera turn off auto white balance to create the color mood you desire manually and also set EV to +1, +2 or +3 in order to light up the subject in the foreground but if you want to create a shadow effect with your foreground subject you have to set Exposure value to -1, -2 or -3 . Using a tripod during taking a great photography is must to produce distinct images and to capture more vibrant colors. Some great shots of Golden hour are as follows:


5. Bringing a subject off-center can bring more life to the picture you have taken. To do it accurately you have to imagine a tic-tac- toe in your viewfinder and then keep the subject in one of the intersections of line in side. Also not to miss the focus on the subject which is kept in one of the side of the frame you have to lock the focus on the subject before reframing the shot because most of the cameras focus only on those things in the middle. This way your picture can truly tell a story like this:

The first photo of the light house gives a dull feeling while fixing the light house in the top left in the second one depicts the more storytelling and effective feeling the second picture of the light house.

6. To get more emphasizing effect on your subject you should first check to stay away from the background clutters or any other distracting things like tress or poles sprouting from your subjects head. Clear background can put more attractiveness to your subject’s photo.


7. Using lines in photography can give a great impact in the photos. The leading lines draw the viewer’s attention and lead to a certain direction where the main focus point remains. To create powerful images with great composition lines play a vital role to reader’s eyes around the image which display the effects of visual story. Including lines in shooting photography can give you a meaning picture. However, the types of lines include vertical, horizontal, diagonal, jagged and irregular. The picture below is the example to follow: 

8. Color plays a significant role in photography, whether it is the color of the background or the color of the dress. Try to avoid pastels and wear bold or dark color which flatters your skin tone in order to have a great photography impact. The color of the dress you wear can not only make you perfect but can also give slimming effect. Moreover, choose solids rather than patterns in order drew viewers’ attention to your face because patterns always distract things and not so very good idea to wear in photo shoots.  Rather wearing a contrasting color one should wear the dress in complimentary hues or variations of the same color. During group photography like family photography everyone should wear the same color or the color that compliments. Variations or uncomplimentary colors can spoil the family portrait. Background color is very important in photography so stay away from the things that gives an impact of clutter or distracting things.  It’s a matter of common sense that if you wear white shirt or dress you will not stand in front of white background likewise according to the color of your dress you have to choose your background and this is how you can take a good photo.



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