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What does Vaastu Shastra suggest about the west facing house?


The first question popped up in mind is that, is west facing house good or bad? The answer is in the affirmative, with a factual example of the Geisha house of Japan that faces always west. So, it is the good sign of active energy and entertainment that prevail in such houses. West facing houses constructed as per vaastu Shastra have proper placements of rooms, directions of doors and windows.

The first thing to consider is- In which direction the entrance door is to be placed? As per vastu, the main door should be located in the mid-west or west of northwest corner. The rooms of west facing house as per vastu can be distributed as follows:

1. Pooja room/ prayer room can be built at the northeast corner. The idols should be kept in such position that you can say your prayers facing east. To make sure the room is well lit you can place a window in the northeast wall. 

2. As per vastu, south-west corner is the best option for master bedroom and the bedroom for children can be placed in the Western portion of the house and the guest rooms in the northwest.

3. The kitchen for a west facing house should be in the southeast direction of the house. In the kitchen the cooking stoves should be placed in such a way that while cooking the person should face the East.

4. Vastu for west facing house suggests that it is wise to keep less open space at the front of a West facing house. However, if you want to have a small garden of flowers then north west or north east corner is good, but, also keeping in mind while doing this that more space or open area is to be left on east and north side. 

5. Vaastu Shastra gives importance to the height of the front boundary wall that it should be in any means higher than the back boundary wall.

6. Water storage can be placed in the eastern or northern part of the plot of the west facing house.

7. For peace, prosperity, and wealth one should always make sure that the floor of the West facing home is higher than the East.


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