Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Benefits of North Facing House


North facing house is beneficial for all the members of the house and especially children get more benefit out of it. It is said that magnetic forces of the earth are generated from the North Pole, so in that way north facing house brings more positive vibes in the house through its entrance door facing north.

North represents water element and water resembles wealth in Vastu. So, people living in a north facing house can enjoy more prosperity and wealth.  Also, Vastu Shastra for north facing house clearly indicates that north is the direction where Kuber resides and the planet Jupiter rules. Kuber is the Hindu god of prosperity and wealth, so, it is obvious that the people dwelling in a north facing house are sure to prosper in life.  

The planet Jupiter has influence and control over the north direction, the nature of the households of such premises will have the influence of this planet. As Planet, Jupiter/Guru is the source of knowledge, the children living in such residence have chances to attain higher studies and success in their career.

What does Indian Vastu Shastra say about home entrance and the house facing directions is as follows:
      1. East facing house is the best

2. Northeast facing house is the second best

3.  North facing house is the third best

Vastu Shastra for north facing house strictly suggests to keep more open space in the north and always keep clean and clutter free. 


  1. This has helped me understand why potential Indian buyers ask the direction of the house entrance. The explanation has proven true in our case even though we are not Indian. We have a North facing house.