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Why do we doodle? What does your doodle reveal about you?


We tend to doodle generally, when we get bored, or when we are waiting or thinking something. Students in schools and colleges occasionally get distracted in class and they start doodling in their notebook. We all have experienced this in our academic life. Other than this, the grown up adults also often doodle the things when they are waiting a call or talking over phone unconsciously on the paper that lies in their table.  Scholars believe that doodling is an outlet for frustrated artistic expression. Because mass majority thinks that the arts is a thing only reserved for the talented people and people interested in arts end up as a bathroom singer, or dancing a few steps in parties, or doodling instead of drawing or painting. However, the fact is that everyone has some artistic qualities. It is only for the fear of failure or getting ridiculed, people sabotage themselves. But somewhere there in mind it remains unconsciously and showcase as doodle in idle time. Apart from the aforesaid reasons, there are other interesting facts behind doodling. So, let us find the concrete cause for why do we doodle?

In our childhood, we start drawing things like flowers, trees, sun, moon, house, hills, birds, fish, and geometrical shapes (circle, triangle, square, etc.). Children, who take interest in drawing, develop their skills as they grow up, and start drawing complex patterns and symbols, which create intricate doodles and complete drawings. On the other hand, people who stopped drawing at an early age tends to draw only basic geometrical shapes or symbols.

Doodles drawn by a person can reveal a volume of his personality and psychology. But it cannot be used as a sole indicator of someone’s psychological or mental state. However, looking at a collection of various doodles would offer the most helpful insight, especially when coupled with other information, such as handwriting analysis.  Each and every doodle conveys its own different meaning.


Doodling Faces: There are various types of faces which people doodle. To interpret genuinely, first of all, we should study those types of faces, whether they are good looking, ugly, or funny faces. However, the simple 'circle' face is a motif from early childhood, with a genuine 'smiley' suggesting a happy-go-lucky nature. Otherwise, if a person draws a good looking face, then it is a sure sign that the person is sociable, people person. He loves himself and his surroundings, and can see good things in others, and also very sensible in nature. Moreover, nicely drawn face with open mouth suggests that person drawing it, is very talkative in nature. Conversely, if a person draws an ugly face, then it is an indication that he dislikes people and has a bad temper. Also that person has a negative approach towards others, and looks for the worst in everyone and every circumstance and does not enjoy himself. The funny or comic face reveals that the person doodling it, has a good sense of humor, and desires to be the center of attention.

Doodling Eyes: To get proper analysis about doodle of eyes, one must remember that eyes are the window of the soul. The person doodling eyes has something to say or reveal about himself.  Repeated drawing of eyes, or staring eyes, or especially an eye through a keyhole is a signal of being watched by someone constantly, and the person, who is doodling it, might feel paranoid in his subconscious mind about something. Doodles of eyes are often the eyes that show the inner self of the person doodling them. Moreover, big eyes indicate outgoing personalities, and small ones indicate reserved personalities. Despite all, in traditional symbolism we find the eye of Horus as an interpretation of protection, and the eye of Providence representing the all-seeing eye of God.

Doodling Mouths:  Doodle of mouth reveals the feelings of frustration of the person doodling it. Moreover, doodle of mouth, with voluptuous lips, might indicate frustrated desire.  If a child draws mouth with a long slit, then possibly it indicates the child’s anxious and uncomfortable condition towards a situation, but if a child does not draw a mouth at all while doodling a face, then it might indicate the child’s inability to communicate properly.  

Doodling Flowers: The girls make the flower doodle more often than the boys. Usually, a flower doodle represents the person’s gentle nature and childlike innocence. However, there are some exceptions like soft, rounded petals around a circular flower center suggest a pleasant, family-centric person, but if a center of the flower doodle is a circle, and the petals are pointy, then perhaps the person has a warm heart behind a defensive nature. However, the flower represents all aspects of the feminine side that includes growth, delicate nature, and reproduction. If the flowers are in an arrangement, it indicates the nature of togetherness in a family. Likewise, you are likely to be a sociable and friendly person if you doodle of a bunch of perky-looking flowers.

Doodling House: This common doodle reveals a lot of meaning about the personality and mood of a person doodling it. If a house has doors and windows then it means that a person doodling it has a positive attitude towards life. The house which has no window indicates about the unhappy home life and the feelings of being trapped in the house. Smoke curling from the chimney suggests about a warm and inviting looking house that has inhabitants. Untidy or messy-looking sketch of a house indicates about the unhappy home life of the doodler. Picture of a house on top of a hill on its own, suggests that the doodler is feeling isolated and lonely.

(A plenty of doodle interpretation is coming soon in my next post.)




  1. I used to doodle a lot of good looking smiling faces at the back of my book or on any available surface so much that my friends used to get sick of it..The interpretation is interesting...thanks for the post Bharati...