Saturday, September 14, 2013

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A Day in Downtown San Jose, California


It was a fine morning of Thanksgiving Day in the USA, my husband and I decided to visit San Jose Downtown with our kid for the first time. We took the light-rail from the Great Mall station in Milpitas (Where we lived earlier) to  San Jose Downtown.
I took some photographs of Downtown San Jose which I would love to share. Let me start with Downtown Historic District of San Jose.  
The Downtown Historic District of San Jose, California is roughly the size of one square block. So, everything here is within walking distance. I strolled through the street gazing the amazing architectures, tree-lined walkways, and antique street lights. The street of downtown is the coexistence of vehicular traffic and light-rail.
The Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph is one of the most beautiful Cathedrals, I have ever seen. This Roman Catholic Church in Downtown, San Jose is worth visiting and it really feels humbling in there. People celebrate various important occasions like Baptisms and Weddings in this amazing Cathedral.

Christmas in the Park is a popular winter event takes place each year in downtown San Jose, California. This event begins roughly from the last week of November and it continues till first of January. Walking through the park amidst the festive decorated trees, trains and lights, and various other decorations based on Christmas theme was an amazing experience and it felt like I was walking through Santa's village.

While walking through the footpath I saw a signboard (written on it) Hanuman Thai cuisine. As I love both Hanumanji and Thai Food, I took a snapshot of it.

The high-tech self-cleaning toilets of San Jose, Downtown streets are just awesome and these come with a user’s manual instruction written on it.
 Downtown San Jose offers a good number of tourist attractions. Due to holiday, we could not visit all of those attractions. But, we enjoyed the downtown street walk because of the less traffic and pedestrians.
After exploring this beautiful city and wandering one place to another, it was time to return home by light-rail. Again, after approaching the Great Mall light-rail station we completed our journey to our address in Milpitas by VTA bus. Some more photos through rail glass window and a photo of the Great Mall Bus stop of Milpitas (A Great American City) below.
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  1. This was a lovely virtual tour with beautiful illustrations!!

  2. Thank you, magiceye for your lovely comment.

  3. That was a good virtual tour for me. :)

    1. nice of you..thinking to write more virtual tours. Hope you will like it.