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Vastu Tips for Plot and its Surroundings


Vastu for plot, where you are going to construct a building or house, is an important matter to consider, and it is always advisable to buy a plot which meets vastu requirements. So, it is good to know what vastu shastra says about plot and its surroundings before you buy one.  The first and foremost thing is to check the soil of the plot to know the content of the salt present in it is a huge one or a little. The plot, which has a large salt content, is considered to be inauspicious. Moreover, the soil should be good and fertile in quality, and any dead material like bones or other filthy material found or present in the soil is considered inauspicious.

According to home vastu tips, it is always considered a good or ideal plot whose length and breadth are same. And, each side of the plot should face the four directions, east, west, north, and south exactly. After, examining the soil and directions of the plot the next thing to know about is - its geographical surroundings, the roads or streets running around the plot and the level of the land.

If the surroundings of the plot are filled with greeneries like trees, plants, etc., then it is considered to be very auspicious. But, in the close proximity of the plot, if there is any meat-shop, trash or garbage store house, or other similar things that cause odors or bad smell, then it generates negative energy to the entire neighborhood.  This kind of vastu tips for house surrounding should be taken seriously to avoid negative effects to the inmates of the house.

Vastu Shastra also advises not to buy a plot which is smaller in size in comparison to the two nearby big plots.  A small plot in the middle of two big plots will bring to you negative feelings and lead you to poverty.  Plot or house at the end of the street is extremely inauspicious. And, also, road ending facing plots are not good (it looks like T). If you are looking plots for business establishments, then the plot which is surrounded by running roads from all the direction is considered good and profitable. However, the roads that run in the north and east direction is also good, for this gives more space in these directions which is good to have positive energy through sunlight.

Vastu for plot is a huge matter to discuss. It needs very proper and extensive study.  The best thing to do is just start with these basic ideas to explore more about vastu for plot and its surrounding.


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