Friday, August 30, 2013

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Kasauli – A perfect place for quiet and serene nature lovers


Kasauli is the place where I would like to go again and again, for escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life and heat in summer in the places like Delhi.  People, usually, think and choose for an expensive summer holidays and popular hill stations where they ended up in crowds, and unable to enjoy the nature in quiet and serene environments. My idea to visit Kasauli, and after exploring the beauty of nature in its possible pristine and unspoiled form, and the memories that I can cherish all the time, inspires me to write this article with extreme joy. It is obvious that tourist places in Kasauli, with full of its historical backgrounds from the time of Brithishers’, is one of the most interesting things to explore, the cobbled streets, the flower filled gardens of rhododendron bushes  in front of the amazing and artistic British bungalows, charming cottages and all just offers a colonial feel and miasma of nostalgia. Also, one more thing that adds beauty to this town is its old churches with tinted glass windows and shining clocks captivates each and every visitor’s eyes.
Kasauli tourist attractions are not only confined to its club house (located in the upper mall), churches, mall roads (upper and lower), but the main thing of attraction in kasauli lies in the nature itself. I still remember my stroll through the pines, oaks, cypresses, and chestnuts tress; watching the birds, and listening to the melodies of chirping mynahs and singing cuckoos. The lovely stretches of forests and woods which are replete with deodar trees are the areas worth to amble. The chilly breeze, the slight monsoon rain drops on the pine trees engrossed my mind and soul in such a way that I completely forget the stress of my busy life. While enjoying this mesmerizing beauty of nature, I saw some kids were going to school in school uniform ; that allows my curiosity to grow to know in  this dense wood of pines,  is there any school? And, finally, I came to know the famous school of Kasauli – the Lawernce school, Sanawar.
On the way to mall roads, I saw many retired army and defense personnel from both air force and navy; as their name plates in the gates through which they were coming out, clearly says so. The sunset point in kasauli is the point where you can see picturesque and breathtaking view of the Kasauli hills. The relaxing cool winds, the green and serene hills, and the quietness touched my soul eternally.
Monkey point, the town’s highest point, offers the whole view of surrounding areas and of entire Chandigarh city. It’s almost look like impossible task to climb the steps to reach the monkey point in first place, but with utmost care and patience one can easily make his/her way to the top where the mandir of lord Hanuman resides.
For adventure lovers; Kasauli, the small township located in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, at the height of almost 1,927 meters from sea level, is the awesome place for walking, hiking, camping, trekking, and paragliding. It’s in its natural scenic beauty or the adventurous activities you participate, Kasauli expedition will always add more excitement to your itinerary.


  1. I have been to Kufri but never to this place. That pic makes me yearn for the place.

    1. Yes, Indrani, this place is very beautiful. Thanks for the lovely comment :)