Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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Traditional Dolls of Norway

The idea of giving the traditional gift popped up in mind when I was selecting and trying to pick up a few items for my dear ones, while in Solvang, CA. My intense interest for dolls finally drew my attention towards some unique traditional dolls. These traditional dolls are known as the bunad figurine which represents a range of both traditional and rural clothes of Norway. The bunad figurine collectibles are made up of 21 authentically replicated national costumes of Norway. The most interesting thing about these traditional dolls is that each doll or figurine is 7 inches tall and sculptured by a master craftsman with hand painted techniques to preserve even the minutest detail. And its clothes are specially tailored with lot of handiwork obvious in every single figure. You can find the bunads for both men and women. However, women's bunads are more diverse and popular.

Have a look to these collectibles in the two shots below. I could have taken the shots more beautifully for my blogL.

Giving a present of these traditional dolls or bunad figurine collections of Norway is undoubtedly a great idea for it’s a wonderful way to share the traditions with others and preserve the same as well for the generations to come.

The Norwegians wear the bunads at various social celebrations like as: wedding ceremony, folk dances and on 17th May (National Day celebrations). While scrolling over these bunad figurine, you can get an idea of traditional cloths of different regions of Norway, which were named after those specific regions of Norway.
The pictures below of the Norwegian gifts – Google image

Fana Bunad Figurine
Gudbrandsdal Bunad Figurine
Rogaland Bunad Figurine

Vest-Agder Bunad Figurine


 Voss Bunad Figurine

 Vest-Telemark Bunad

 Vestfold Bunad
Setesdal Bunad Figurine
Nordland Bunad Figurine

Hallingdal Bunad Figurine

Jolster Bunad Figurine

Valdres Bunad Figurine

Ost-Telemark Bunad Figurine
Aust-Agder Bunad Figurine

Trondelag Bunad Figurine

Rondastakk Bunad Figurine

Hardanger Bunad Figurine




  1. Oh! Those are so cute!
    Lucky person whoever receives it.

    1. yes, these traditional dolls are really very cute :)

  2. Love all the dolls, Bharati!
    I make it a point to pick Dolls whenever I go anywhere. But, now my showcase is so full! :) Need a bigger showcase!

    1. Now, it's time to make bigger showcase to include this traditional dolls of Norway. Thanks you love them :)

  3. Glad that the people of Norway are preserving their traditions in such a beautiful manner. The dolls are lovely and to know that these are all hand crafted makes them so special. Many thanks for sharing, Bharati, all your pictures are wonderful! :)

    1. Yes, Arti, this is a great way to preserve the traditions for the years to come. Thanks to know we are like minded people :)

  4. Such cute and beautiful dolls ! Thanks for sharing the info and pictures Bharati :-)

    1. Norwegian bunad figurines are really very beautiful. I can't just resist myself to share this interesting story behind these traditional dolls. I am glad you also like them :)

  5. I like these mini figures :) There was a time I loved to have a doll house for myself like a hobby of sort. But then I dropped the idea and seeing your post, I guess these would add values to it.
    Bharati, I have tagged you in a post here The Ladies Corner. You can accept it and respond with a post if you are interested :)

    1. Oh, very interesting hobby.
      I saw you post and you have written them in a great interesting way.

  6. Wow! I want one! They are so cute!

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