Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Halloween Decoration Ideas for the Year 2013


I get inspiration from some Halloween decoration ideas that I want to share with you. Halloween is a lovely celebration for people of all ages, but kids in special. I came to know about Halloween only last year autumn. Actually, I used to shop in Safeway stores and malls there I saw some artificial pumpkins with scary and funny looking face which let my curiosity grow and finally I googled and found that there is a celebration called Halloween. It is a yearly celebration and takes place on October 31. Behind the celebration of Halloween, there are a plenty of reasons the scholars believe. Some scholar believes that this celebration is originated and influenced by western European harvest festivals. Whatever be the reason, Halloween offers lots and lots of fun and excitement to everyone. So, let me share some Halloween party decorating ideas for your Halloween preparation for the party.

It will be easier, if I share some more words before I go to particular details for Halloween decoration. Basically, the traditional or classic way of Halloween decorations are those with the combination of orange and black, a lot of pumpkins, funny faces, witch hats and candies and these are the most universal out there for both adults and kids.

My Outdoor Halloween decorating ideas would be first and always, making the jack-0’-lanterns in different shapes and carving its eyes, nose and mouth different and as grotesque as possible. After that the next step would be decorating the lawns and fence around the yard and porch with hanging lighted jack-o’-lantern.  Also, hanging orange Pumpkin Fall Leaves Wreath at the main door would be the best d├ęcor for Halloween. Other than this, if you want some scary stuff to add, then you can hang skulls and crossbones in the center over the door.

Halloween decorating ideas for living room include various types of decorating stuff like autumn leaves, branches, pumpkins, antique items, lights, candles, etc. It would be a great idea to decorate the living room area with some jack-o’- lantern, antique hanging lamps placed on stands or tables, and in order to add a more dramatic view have a fire going in the fireplace.

After decorating outdoor and living room, now, it’s time to decorate dining room for it would be the perfect area for Halloween preparation for the party. The theme of the decoration for dining area should suit the season. So it would be a great idea to use red and orange as the theme color for tablecloths and sheets for Halloween decoration. The mid or central area of diner table should have colorful candles on stands and branches of oats, strings of cranberries and autumn leaves along various types of fruits should surround them. The room must give the cheerful impressive look to enjoy the festive dinner.

I keep the Halloween decorating ideas very sweet, simple, and less scary so that my little toddler can enjoy the celebration with full of fun. I have a plan taking my child for trick-or-treat and attending costume parties for kids. Last year, he was too small to do all these things and he only witnessed as a little audience. I took photographs of a few kids in different costumes.